Kimmel Center

Kimmel Center

The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts is a large performing arts venue located the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

While I was a designer at Sandstorm, I had the opportunity to re-design the Kimmel Center website based off of my fellow Sandstormer’s research and wire-framing. Development of the site was done by Adage.

Designing this site was a great experience for me because it was very much like designing a giant entertainment and ticketing site like Ravinia Festival, but making it fresh with more thought-out and up-to-date planned user interactions while keeping in mind the experience of a new and returning user. The main goal for the redesign was to create a fresh user experience, while maintaining their brand and getting the user to the page they want to go to more efficiently, leading to a faster purchasing experience.

Some interactions to check out:

  • Utility Navigation:
    • Search
    • Join email list lightbox
    • My Account lightbox and tabbed window
  • Main Nav:
    • Multi column and image Mega Menu
  • Personalized search:
    • Narrow down what you are coming to the site for
    • Find a personalized experience faster
  • Featured Events:
    • Carousal of featured events, with ability to scroll left and right
    • Feature to pan over in increments based off of screen size using navigation dots
    • Rollover effect on show block
  • Upcoming events:
    • View full calendar brings you to a customized calendar experience
    • Jump to month to narrow your search down quicker
    • Calendar timeline color coded to show active and inactive dates, when active dates are clicked, dropdown shows grid of shows, when inactive dates are rolled over, “no show” displays in box
  • Resident Companies:
    • Rollover state changes appearance from logo to full color image
  • Getting to Kimmel Center:
    • Custom map
    • Custom colors, icons
    • When icon is clicked, side window opens up more information on venue
  • Events and Tickets:
    • Two different tabbed approaches at narrowing down your search, “find an event” like we had on the homepage but with an “advanced search” feature, and using the “calendar” feature narrowing down the results to a specific date
  • Show Page:
    • Jump down links to anchored parts of page
    • Full width photo carousal with left and right control
    • Integrated twitter feed of artist