Picnik! is an alternative solution to lunch on the go. The concept is to have take-away fresh sandwiches, coffee, salad, etc, prepared fresh on a daily basis at a reasonable price. The client is based in Chile, and the founder had initially asked me to design the Picnik! logo.


Once the logo was completed, he was so satisfied that he asked me to design the website. I designed it as a responsive wordpress theme so that the client and his team would be able to log-in and make updates to the information freely, and it would render on all devices.

Once the site and identity was established, I moved forward with designing the labeling for the products. Here you will see the two different variations, one at 6 cm and one at 4 cm, both designed to have a hand written marker of what type of product it was (pollo, vegetarian, carne, etc.), and the only element that varies between the labels is the 5 different classifications (ensalada, sandwich, gohan, wrap, plato), in order to keep the production costs down.


Photo by: Tracy Graham (tracygrahamcracker.com)


Photo by: Tracy Graham (tracygrahamcracker.com)

Photo by: Tracy Graham (tracygrahamcracker.com)

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