I'm Tracy. A visual designer and photographer residing in San Francisco.

I create responsive digital experiences, marketing websites, brand identities, design systems and everything in between.

With over a decade of experience, and a background that’s a unique blend of design and photography, I’m continuously delivering on client needs, currently with the team at Extractable, a small digital agency specializing in online experiences and strategy in the FinTech industry.

My photography has taken me on some wild rides, most notably shooting spreads of the Marche region for Wine Enthusiast magazine or up and coming artists like Salem for NME Magazine. Between the day job, and freelance gigs, I cover the latest shows in the bay area for my music publication Danger!Sound.

In my free time you can find me playing with my old blind dog, Bean, zipping around and exploring this magical city by the bay with my significant other on my scooter, or editing photos.

If you need it, here is my CV, or you can view the same info at my LinkedIn page.

I am always up for having a conversation (I talk to EVERYONE) so go ahead and press that little mail button below if you:

  • want to talk further about a project
  • are interested in purchasing a print
  • just wanna holler at cha boy