Helping financial advisors do more for their clients

For financial advisors to succeed, they need the right tools at the right time. When the leading provider of SaaS solutions for financial services reached out to Extractable, their mission was to anticipate this need for today – and tomorrow.

Our client’s financial planning tools are used by over 250,000 financial professionals across more than 2,700 companies, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions. Their goal was to not just set the bar, but to beat challenger brands to the punch.

Through that lens, we conducted a deep dive into the future of online financial advisory services, looking at innovation both within the industry and outside of it. From there, we defined a strategy to transform the customer experience of their flagship product.

Our approach consisted of a series of co-creation workshops with the client to develop a vision for the future of financial planning. This included explorations of how customer experiences could evolve over time.

During prototyping, we focused on surfacing and addressing the most important customer needs, providing the right tools and features at the right time, and enabling easy access via an intuitive dashboard. Since our client’s commercial customers white-label their platform, we also created a UX strategy, design, and visual style easily adaptable to other brands.

The outcome of this project was greater alignment within the organization not only on the vision, but also the need for a long-term commitment to customer-centered design.