Celebrating 50 years in business with a fresh web experience.

Founded in 1968, NOW Foods is a family-owned natural foods/goods company, with more than one thousand natural products that can be found in health food stores across the US and internationally.

The Challenge:

In 2015, Sandstorm Design was tasked with creating a brand new NOW Foods experience from their already established presence, with the objective of creating a robust, responsive website to ring in 50 years of successful business. Due to their international audiences, this site also needed to have an option for users to view product information in both standard and metric measurements, although no e-commerce transactions were to take place within it. Their new site would act as as an online catalogue and learning hub for NOW Foods which would then refer to certified distributors.

My Role:

I managed a wide range of tasks for this project. I translated the lo-fidelity UX wires into a modern solution that would house the UX elements without breaking the integrity of the researched UX patterns, and found micro-interactions that would be both visually appealing and serve purpose. I also developed a standard to be used for stock photography and icon sets, as well as established the primary typography system that would be implemented on the current site. I then designed the high fidelity customer facing layout for the finished product.

The Process:

Working closely with developers and the UX team, we wire-framed and designed a set of page templates (homepage, product, category, blog, recipe, assets) that would easily carry over the current content and catalog of product images. We also created new templates for learning materials including recipes, blog posts and endorsed NOW food ambassadors, developing a new set of imagery styles that would translate to their current layout.

Key Takeaways:

The end result is what you see online today, a fully responsive home to catalog all of the NOW Food sub brands and knowledge base on all NOW Foods products.