Alessandro Kraus

Alessandro Kraus

Alessandro Kraus is a Swiss house music devotee based out of London, but playing shows in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Bulgaria.

Problem: When I first met DJ Ale K wasn’t aware that an online presence was the best and easiest way to get his music out to the world. When I first met him, I asked “where can I hear your stuff at?” His answer was, “come to the club this weekend!”

I explained to him, that this day in age, how important it was that he have an online presence. A place online where he can showcase his material to fans and clients. A site to send agents and promoters to experience him as an artist where they can get a taste of his style even before they meet or see him in real life.

So his one marketing line isn’t “go to the club to hear me!”

A few months had passed and he got back in touch with me. We had a discussion for his site and we narrowed it down to a list of needs and wants. He “needed” to have a place where he can post new music, upcoming gigs, link to and from his social media outlets and have downloadable press material (bio and hi-res images) in order to get more gigs and exposure as an artist. He “wanted” a place to post photos.

Solution: Based on the budget and timing of this project, I designed a responsive vehicle to deliver the end user the online “needs” of the client.

A site modeled as if it were his business card. One page, with all of his essential information. A place to read his bio, download press photos, see his upcoming gig schedule, and hear his most recent mixes and productions, all while having a chance to connect with him socially.

I set this up on WordPress so that I can easily show him and train him to manage his content and he can be his own web-admin. He inputs the dates into the schedule plugin and it automatically pulls the past dates and populates with future dates. The mixes automatically populates as soon as he publishes something on Soundcloud via a plugin. The site is also multi-lingual to cater to his international clients.

View the live site here