Right before I interviewed for what would be my next job at Ravinia Festival, I embarked on a road trip from Chicago, along the great lakes, stopped and ate some flaming hot chicken wings at Quaker Steak and Lube, and headed up into Buffalo and finally settling into Toronto. Buffalo is cool, nothing really too exciting. Really no night life and everything is closed. I shot Tokyo Police Club  at Town Ballroom, that was pretty cool. Next to Vancouver, Toronto is by far, my favorite city in Canada. The city so diverse and extremely friendly to get around with public transportation. I spent three days walking non stop from 8am to 10pm and covered a better portion of the metropolitan area. The food is amazing in Chinatown, and I fell in love with poutine. This is a great road trip for someone on a short budget, and strapped for cash. I was between jobs so I was limited to my spending, but still managed to take in alot of sites and eat some amazing food. Only thing I was pissed about was that I didn’t get a canadian stamp in my passport, bastards.

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