Notes: Day 1: Flew out of the apartment after a good nights rest, to fun a gloomy overcast Milan. We got to the airport, at around 1, and got on our plane right away, as soon as we landed in Amsterdam, we took the train to central, got some 3-day transit passes, and left the hotel to drop off our gear and get a game plan going. We headed back out to center and trekked on foot to find a Restaurant which Christine had found in her research, found it, ordered, and was blown away. Chicken curry dish, salmon soy dish, mussels app carpaccio app. While sitting there, we ran into Zack from Rise against, grabbed a quick chat and a few photos, and departed. The whole bill was 60 euros. Cheap as fuck. We left and headed in a random direction, found the grasshopper coffeehouse, and stopped in. Got some coffee, met some young Austrian boys who were trying to hitch back home, after camping for a weekend at an electronic music festival. They didn’t know what to order, so I helped them out and even helped them prepare for their next venture out into the world to find a campsite. Good kids. Christine and I hung out at the grasshopper for a little longer, then wandered the streets, walked through the red light district, then went back to the hotel. Christine went to bed, I wandered around the hotels exterior experimenting with some photos, before I called it a night.

Notes: Day 2: The day hit us with a hard thump. Struggled to roll out of bed, but managed to be out the door by 11. Grabbed a cappuccino at the hotel bar, then caught the tram into the center. We walked faulty and off course, getting lost, but having the intention of visiting Pancakes Upstairs, a divey upstairs Restaurant where they are supposed to serve the best pancakes in Amsterdam. We found the joint, and it was basically 2nd floor apartment, with 4 tables and a tiny kitchen. Oh and getting upstairs, you had to climb a double set of stairs that was at such a steep vertical, that I can only say resembles a ladder leaning against a building, but carpeted. Made reservations, which were for 45 minutes later, got back into the street, stopped at a coffee-shop, drank some coffee then headed back to get my pancakes fix. Pancakes were heavenly. Regular pancakes for me, and the ham and pineapple pancakes for the lady. We made our way back onto the streets, and wondered aimlessly. We stopped at a mall which looked like a castle, and the inside reminded me of water tower place in Chicago. Once we got out of the mall, we noticed it was raining, so we whipped out the umbrellas and trekked on, only to find a nice quite and empty little pub with outdoor seating and an awning. We had two beers, then got back to walking, only to meet with the rain again. Rain just kept on popping out on and off all day. We randomly found a pub, full of old locals, and filled with cigarette smoke. We new we found our hangout. We sat there, drank a beer, watched the rain, drank some coffee, watched the rain, and just relaxed. We knew hunger was approaching so we ventured out to find another one of the restaurants that Christine had found in her research, Getto, a good burger place, in the heart of the gay neighborhood, where apparently you get to pick burgers named after drag queens, or something along those lines. Found it completely by accident, ordered bitterballs, burgers, and bounced. It wasn’t anything special. We toyed around with the idea of going to see a sex show, but decided not to when we saw that it was called the banana show, and had no idea what that could have been. We ended up going back to the hotel, and walking from our hotel, along the river, down to the museum. Once we got back to the hotel, we spent an hour exploring this amazing hotel, top to bottom.

Notes: Day 3: Woke up, the day was in and out of clouds and sun. Headed into the center to grab a bite at this amazing sandwich shop. Fulfilled, we continued to walk around, until we met with our friend and Amsterdam native, Susan. We walked around, stopped for a few beers, bitterballs and cheese sticks. Started to rain so we just hung out there. Once the rain stopped, we visited bluebird coffeehouse for a cafe latte, before heading out for Chinese food dinner, at a place that wasn’t too authentic, but it was their last day before they changed their menu to Italian, apparently. We parted ways, hopped on a tram towards our hotel, switched trams, got off at the museum, and walked the river back to hotel, enjoying our last night in Amsterdam, before having to wake up in two hours to take a cab to the train to the airport.

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