Notes: Day 1: Greece from Amsterdam, catching a 540 flight out. Watched some shitty billy crystal and Bette milder movie on the plane. Waited at the airport for 2 hours waiting for Silvio and Gullie. Tried the Greek Mac at McDonald’s. Illias picked us up, went for swim at his parents house, ate Greek salad and pasta salad. Packed our gear back up and stopped at White Spoon, which one day, Illias will operate. Continued onto our 2 hour drive to Spetses. Greek countryside reminds me I Mexico.

Fairy ride across the sea to Spetses. Seaside late dinner. Fried shrimp, eat whole body. Grilled octopus.

Notes: Day 2: Noon wake up. Bakery fresh pastries and breads from local bakery. Rented ATVs for island transportation. Went to beach. 8$ for two chairs and an umbrella. Swam in the sea and sunbathed all day. Fried cheese and chicken salad. Lost track of time.

Went back to house, relaxed, washed up, then went to 1030 dinner reservations. Nice thing about Illias as a host is that he’s been coming to this island since he was a child. Knows everyone, has a lot of friends, but most importantly, the best local food. Eat like a Greek, leave all manners at the door. Stab at a dish from across the table, don’t bother usin the individual plate in front of you, family style.

Went to a bar at around 1, had a cocktail. ATV cruising through narrow streets. Mangey dogs, a lot of cats, even walking, you see the cats fishing at night, or walking through open air restaurants looking for table scraps. Greek people party late, like Monte Carlo. Went to a club that Illias worked at in the past, sat around, had a drink, people watched. Tourists are rude. 13 year old birthday party. Conversation between me and some chick…
Chick: “Where are u from?”
Me: “Chicago.”
Chick: “I’m from California!”
Me: “Word.”

Notes: Day 3:Like America, everyone plays to 21 and 2 out of 3

Beach. Swim, relax seems to be the daytime activity for Greecians when it comes to August. Most Greecians not affected by the crisis, vacation at their island homes. Then go home to rest, then go to the clubs at 1:30am. Eleni and Christine made us dinner. Laughed and joked. Did my impersonation of each foreign friend I had. No one binge drinks, nor starts drinking til well after 11p. I would kill it as a dj in Greece with my deep cuts.

Notes: Day 4: Boat day. Found a cove and relaxed and swam in the sea. Dinner seaside. Salmon, calamari, mussels. Relaxed.

Notes: Day 5: Picked up the quad that ran out of gas on the way home from the club. Swam at Johnny’s house. Silvio and Gullie went snorkeling. Dinner seaside. Ate a whole fish with everyone. Relaxed at the house and stared at the stars drinking sangria.

Notes: Day 6: Drive back to Athens. Ate goodies. Landed at Ilias house. Going out in Athens. A for Athens. Rooftop view of the accropolis. A lot of shit graffiti. Went to White Spoon and had their signature drink. Submarines!

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