Notes: Day 1: Crete. Natural gas cars. The walls of Crete. Best tomatoes. Stopped at butcher shop. Getting scarce. Greeted with fresh almonds and a very happy mother. Vergamonto. Veal pork chops. Chicken, tatziki, fries, salad… Raki shots. Red wine. Dimitria’s uncle and aunt. Beach, toured the west north coast. Stopped for a beer. Cafe Pefko. Spinach eggplant cheese pies. Greek coffee.

Notes: Day 2: Greek pancakes at noon. Coffee. Went to beach. Stumbled upon a nude beach. Quickly relocated. Sunbathed and swam. Checked out some resort views. Went home, cleaned up and had an early seafood dinner. Ouzo drinks, mussels, shrimp, gopes fish, calamari, zucchini and potatoes, favre bean dip. Then walked east exploring resorts. Stopped at one, had a few drinks. Bartender gave us a shot of Jack Daniels.

Notes: Day 3: Drove into Hiraklia, stopped to run an errend, and took pics of a butcher.

Gas station stop, amazing view. Drove to a tiny secluded beach. Ate a light snack Greek style which was a full on giant dinner. Dog with broken leg, dog with crazy eyes, greenhouses. Downtown area. Walked the streets. Searched for a mosk, found a candle maker from Pakistan. Drive through the mountains in late dusk for about 2 hours, into a tiny village where we went to a siesta. Greek dancing, tons of food. Wine, BBQ, Ilias the grill master/artist. Student band, professional band. Drove home slowly through the mountains.

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