Notes: Day 1: Woke up, packed and boarded our ferry. Ate a ridiculous pork shank. Slept. 7 hours later, we supposed to port. Took an hour, knocking us an hour late for our two hour gap we had to get on our plane. We high tailed it in a cab with an hour on the clock. Ran through the airport, and boarded our plane almost last. Cutting it real close. Landed in Dubrovnik, lost my ATM card. Walked around the old city. Cats sang.

Notes: Day 2: Walked around the old city all day… Went to the market. Cooked omelets. Ate some seafood. Went back to apartment drank wine. Had drinks on a seaside cliff with cliff diving kids, hot sunbathers and weird guy in Speedo.

Notes: Day 3: Trekked along the sea cliffs. Found an abandoned house and a shady club. Walked into a different part of the town where the cruise ships docked. Stopped at Tommy grocery store. Pizza and pig in blanket. Walked back to old city. Took pics. Went to dinner at Lady PiPi. Met a couple from New York in line waiting with us, ended up sharing a table. Meat platter for two, seafood platter for two. Awkward Jewish couple Simon and Jessica. Investment banker and teacher. Stopped for drink at Art Cafe. Tried to find the club we found earlier. No club. Packed clothes.

Notes: Day 4: Arrived at new AirBnB. Beautiful river view with terrace. Had lunch. Huge chicken sandwich. Walked over to the sea, found a nice cove to go swimming. I explored the rocks for crabs, Christine sun bathed. Get a drink at Art Cafe. Went back to apt, washed up relaxed, went to Restraunt and had a jumbo pizza. Explored the river banks for a bit. Nothing. Drank wine and fell asleep.

Notes: Day 5: Checked out of apt. and sat at a restaraunt for two hours. Terrifying bus ride to airport. Nice 30 min flight to the capital Zagreb. Small airport, in a suburb just outside, where we had a hotel booked. Walked around a park for 20 min, kinda lost, got our bearings and found our hotel… Really weird hotel. Room was sexy and dated. Went for dinner on a Croatian holiday, walked an hour towards the town center. Found nothing but pubs. Went back to hotel to have dinner. Found a piece of plastic in my dish. Went to bed.

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