I have a strange habit of making circular foods sharable and easy to eat. This may have stemmed from my love of pizza, but it’s hard for me to get pancakes with a meal and not cut them into eighths. Psycho? maybe. Neat? yes. Delicious, of course. I usually don’t eat the whole stack though, and this collection of photos taken with my iPhone and tagged #PancakesForOne, is usually from ordering breakfast at the Golden House Pancake House in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, where you have a choice of hash browns or a stack of pancakes. I started of not wanting neither, but once I found that my collection was growing, it became a must to go every Saturday or Sunday to get my photo and breakfast. Coming soon, #PizzaForDue. (Search on instagram for #pancakesforone or #pizzafordue)

Prints available at http://society6.com/tracygrahamcracker/pancakesForOne_Print


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