I’ve been having fun the past couple of nights combing through photos taken with my 5D as well as photos from Instagram, and uploading them to Print All Over Me, a site where you can upload photos and they will produce sweatshirts, tshirts, tote bags, fabrics, hats, etc. with your image as an all over print. Check out their site, start an account and put some items up for sale — or just buy some that are in my shop! (the quality for the template preview could be a little better, these are just screen shots from their site)

sweatshirt1 sweatshirt2 sweatshirt3 sweatshirt4 sweatshirt5 sweatshirt6 sweatshirt7 sweatshirt8 sweatshirt14 sweatshirt10 sweatshirt11 sweatshirt12 sweatshirt13

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