Notes: Day 1: Rainy day in Berlin. Flight out to Brussels. Train into the city. Checked into Pantone Hotel. Went to get mussels and frites. Had some fuambeau. Explored the hood.

Notes: Day 2: Went into an old cathedral. Tried to find the waffle place but failed. Went and got sandwiches. Sat in the park and ate. Went to Magritte museum. Ate waffles on the street. Took a nap. Went to urban outfitters. Got Chinese food. Took train into the city center, saw royal palace and statues and shit. Got some candy. Walked back to the hotel.

Notes: Day 3: Convinced Christine to wake up earlier than 11am. Left the apt at 11… Visited a cathedral. Ate a breakfast sandwich. Walked to the comic strip museum, wondered around that area. Headed over to the touristy royal place. Ate a waffle. Had a beer at Delirium. Went on a brewery tour. Walked back to hotel then to dinner. Delicious pasta, rigatoni, mushroom, ham… duck croquette with sausage and tender beef loin in white beans. Walked home getting lost. Saw some prostitutes.

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