How to make the sexy sax man a real thing? The force of talent that is Masego is here to make all your swingy, sexy dreams come true.

Masego opened for the king of cool Leon Bridges at the Greek Theater a few weeks back, and was a perfect match for the energy of the evening. After sliding onstage in a red sweater and opening with a sax solo, and he’s got the audience’s attention in a vice grip, the pit swaying to his beats. With a style that’s half easy listening lounge music, half sexy R&B, his unique sound is perfectly suited for young adult audiences, and appreciable by their parents as well.

Masego incessantly and charmingly quips about his love of women and that he’s going to find his wife in the audience, greeted by wild screams from the crowd. Expanding on this, the comments expand to his love of older women and desire for a suga mama, put to music in the infinitely playable and catchy “Old Age”- this is in my opinion one of his best songs. It’s an earworm. Next, give “Tadow” a listen for a perfect encapsulation of Masego’s sound and presence, then imagine it in a huge, open-air stadium- what a treat. His charismatic stage presence has massive potential, and with his first full length album release, Lady, Lady, it will be tons of fun to watch him expand his influence. In fact, just put Lady, Lady on in the background of anything you do. It’ll make you groove in your seat.

Masego, get out from behind your keyboard! He works the stage well from behind an instrument setup, moving back and forth, but I’d love to see what he could do with no barrier between him and the crowd. Also, his backing band are straight up professionals, but they’re there to play the set, hard stop and no frills. If he were to be supported by an equally eclectic cast of characters, more suited to his level of showmanship like those Leon Bridges is backed by later, it would elevate his act from opener to headliner incredibly quickly.

Masego is going to be huge, friends- keep an eye on this jazzy, funky, slinky soul. His presence, creativity, and enthusiasm are a wonderful addition to contemporary music.